GATE COLLEGE SYSTEM - Simplify student acceptances and increase merit-based financial aid.

Your School, District or Organization’s Trusted Digital College Admissions Tool

  • Test Prep - GATE handles it.
  • Financial Aid - GATE simplifies it.
  • Application Strategy - GATE explains it.
  • College Selection - GATE guides it.
  • Supplement Naviance- GATE does it.

    Designed by experts, GATE helps 9th-12th grade students learn, get accepted, and earn financial aid that they never have to repay.


    Let us show you how our digital platform levels the playing field for all students.

    Perfect for Classroom,

    After-School Program

    and Weekend Seminars

    GATE College System Devices

    Students access GATE on tablets, laptop and desktop computers. Facilitators track and grade progress, or students can use in self-directed study.

    Use GATE at Home, School or Away — whether facilitators help one-on-one or one-on-many.

    College Admissions &
    Financial Aid Simplified

    GATE College System Devices
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    Protect Your Students from the 10 Costliest Mistakes

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    GATE College System Student

    “As an academic coach working with many first gen students whose families struggle financially, I’ve been so impressed with GATE College System’s digital platform. Being able to have our facilitators work alongside the kids in such a step-by-step program makes a huge difference. They enjoy it, and we love knowing we’re giving them a competitive advantage. We’ve seen positive, tangible results!”

    —Kathryn James-Jolly, Bresse Foundation Los Angeles, CA

    Student Stress Eliminated

    Hey Teachers and Counselors

    Enjoy administrative access to your students' progress on GATE’s unique Admin Dashboard. Easily access assessment scores in GATE’s facilitator grade-book.

    Knowledge = power to help them stay on track.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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      Who can use GATE?

       How many students can a single facilitator oversee?

       When does the GATE pilot program start?

       Why is this important?

       When is the best time to have students get started?

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    GATE was created by Founder Pamela Donnelly and a team of 26 highly experienced educators in the fields of college counseling, GPA support and test prep. Sister company Valley Prep Tutoring spent four years building and testing the curriculum. See results page to explore student outcomes.

    See ABC-TV's coverage of GATE and its Flagship at Maplewood High School Academy in Nashville TN

    5.7 Increased Score on the ACT®, Increased Confidence, College Acceptances and Merit Aid

    Local media celebrates GATE's contributions to Maplewood High School students, August 2016

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    Protect Your Students from the 10 Costliest Mistakes

    Access Your Exclusive Guide Now

    GATE eBook - 10 Costliest Mistakes

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