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GATE College System welcomes enrollments of all 9th-12th grade students, whether first generation, at risk, socio-economically disadvantaged or otherwise.

As a decision maker in your district, school or non-profit organization, you now have an opportunity to provide your students with effective digital support in the GATE College System electronic workbook.

Your response to this brief questionnaire invites the GATE team to share with you two options: affordable access to just the electronic workbook for students @ $11 per student per year (annual license), or full platform access including five levels of administrative access to student outcomes for $15 per student per year (annual license).

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The goal is to increase student confidence and competence in four areas: higher GPAs, increased SAT/ACT scores, optimized essays, and earned merit-based financial aid as a direct result of following the GATE process.

For platform enrollments, GATE Facilitators (teachers, counselors, mentors) will have the ability to oversee multiple students from an administrative dashboard. Reference the administrative web demo here to see how:

A Note for Schools using Naviance

GATE offers an ideal supplement for students, offering a comprehensive curriculum to ensure all 9th-12th graders move steadily toward college admissions literacy, access and achievement. Many, but not all, of GATE’s current schools use both Naviance and GATE. Since this is a common question GATE receives, it is mentioned here for clarification. Schools without or without Naviance provide significantly improved student outcomes by providing GATE to students.

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Pamela Donnelly and the GATE Team

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All applicants will receive follow up contact from GATE College System staff within 7 days of receipt of this Application. A phone interview is final step before on-boarding. Thank you for your interest.

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