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For a limited time, GATE College System is seeking no more than 10,000 students to participate in this important opportunity designed to benefit first generation, at risk, and socio-economically disadvantaged students.

As a decision maker in your district, school or non-profit organization, you now have an opportunity to provide your students with cutting-edge digital support in the GATE College System online tool.

Your response to this brief questionnaire constitutes step one of a two-part application to enroll a group of 9th-12th grade students for participation in Phase 2 of GATE's 2018 pilot program.

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  • This pilot program is slated to begin as early as August 1 and no later than September 17, depending on the schedule for the school or organization.
  • Our goal is pre- and post-assessment of student levels in four areas, including SAT/ACT score increases and other objectives within the curriculum.

All participants selected will receive access to this college admissions tool on a pro bono basis. This complimentary access will continue perpetually for any students enrolled, at no cost, even after the pilot is complete.

Because we want this to be as easy as possible for your staff, GATE Facilitators (teachers, counselors, mentors) will have the ability to oversee multiple students from an administrative dashboard. Request our administrative web demo on the Contact page now to see how.

Remember, while Naviance is a tool for counselors as they organize students toward college admissions, GATE is a tool for students, offering a comprehensive curriculum to ensure all 9th-12th graders move steadily toward college admissions literacy, access and achievement. Many but not all of GATE’s current schools use both Naviance and GATE. (Since this is a common question GATE receives, it bears mentioning here for clarification.)

We will cap pro bono opportunities at 10,000 students for fall 2018 semester, so apply soon to be considered.

In Service,

Pamela Donnelly and the GATE Team

All applicants will receive follow up contact from GATE College System staff within 7 days of receipt of this Application. A phone interview is final step before on-boarding. Thank you for your interest.

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