Equip Your Counselors and Teachers to Support College and Career Readiness for 9th - 12th Grade Students

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Did You Know? In honor of GATE's commitment to increasing equitable access for disadvantaged students, selected schools, districts, and organizations will receive pro bono support this fall.

We all know about the significant time spent processing student data through college and career readiness software providers. These platforms, although helpful for administrators in terms of organizational purposes, often fall short in providing necessary tools for students' actual needs.

Like us, you care about students, not clerical procedures. Equipped with GATE's digital curriculum, you'll easily support college-bound teens from 9th through 12th grades with a modular college admissions tool that dramatically increases success.

In order to more fully and directly impact system student outcomes, GATE offers a significant value-add by optimizing the face time each teacher or counselor has with students, personally connecting in an engaging way to help teens sort through their options and make wise decisions.

Best of all, GATE empowers not only 11th and 12th graders, but also prepares the 9th and 10th graders who will be in their shoes in a few short years.

Many students need SAT or ACT test prep support, which few busy adults are able to provide. Instead of having to outsource to corporate vendors with outside educators, GATE provides an on-site curriculum — including original practice exams — that can easily be implemented within the community among those who already know the students.

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Five ways to incorporate GATE into the school calendar

(1) establish a temporary x/flex period at beginning of day “GATE Academy"

(2) establish a temporary x/flex period at end of day “GATE Academy"

(3) establish a weekend seminar “GATE Academy"

(4) offer GATE to teachers to incorporate elements into existing lesson plans

(5) invite PTA or librarian to oversee optional “GATE Academy” events and activities

GATE is modular and adaptive to various schedules

​Sample time commitment options:

In class

60-90 minute sessions (as schedules allow)

GATE 1 training per class

Weekend group seminar

3-4 hour sessions

GATE 3-4 trainings per seminar

One-on-one mentoring

1-2 hours sessions

GATE 1-2 trainings per meeting

Remember: GATE's flexibility means a single facilitator can oversee one student or many. Classes or groups can be comprised of same-grade (for example all 11th) or a mixed-grade group (i.e.; 9th and 10th graders together).

Did You Know?

GATE College System was originally designed so that:

G- Grades was a 9th grade curriculum

A - Applications was a 10th grade curriculum

T - Testing was an 11th grade curriculum, and

E - Essays was a 12th grade curriculum.

Following three years of development with alpha and beta groups, we now know that students encountering GATE for the first time prefer to benefit from this support in a self-directed way, regardless of grade level.

We’ve kept the platform modular, so it’s easy to navigate in and out of sections. Facilitators can direct, or offer free reign to students in terms of their usage. Choice empowers use of this tool as best suits particular needs.

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