Each student begins with his or her unique dashboard.

See WEB DEMO below.

Track student progress through GATE's easy-to-use curriculum. Developed by 26 expert educators, this includes 100 trainings with videos, interactive exercises and post-assessments. Facilitators also love GATE's month-by-month Road Map, ensuring students ace the admissions process and maximize college acceptance letters and merit-based aid.

Empower Your Students for Success

The beauty of GATE’s digital college counseling tool is that it empowers any educated adult to effectively support teens through the college applications process without having to already be an expert in test prep, admissions, financial aid, or other aspects of the curriculum. The tool does the heavy lifting while the adult focuses the student on motivation and supplemental support.

In truth, students can use the tool entirely alone, but this is not recommended. Education is the lighting of a fire, not the filling of a pail, as the old saying goes. Adults committed to student outcomes bring that special spark. GATE completes—but doesn’t compete with—what facilitators already offer students.

Who is a GATE Facilitator?

  • Teachers
  • Guidance counselors
  • College and career counselors
  • Librarians
  • Parent volunteers (PTA/PTSA)
  • Designated "GATE Academy Coach"

Top three benefits enjoyed by GATE facilitators:

1. Following students' test prep and academic progress on their own administrative dashboard

2. Seeing how point gains progress and flagging targeted support, when indicated, by on-site tutoring

3. Being able to plug mini-assessments (quizzes within trainings) into grade-book for easy, useful classwork or homework metrics

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    Complimentary access for select districts, schools and organizations available. Contact us at support@GATECollegeSystem.com to learn how to bring GATE to your students.

    Participants will be asked to share outcomes and offer survey feedback to help co-create the most effective platform possible. Participants' personal data (name, email, school, etc.) will not be shared.

    Pro Tips for Using GATE


    GATE students say our online guides are guaranteed to strengthen skills and boost GPAs. Trainings include mnemonics, introductions to mind-mapping and speed-reading, note-taking strategies, how to leverage learning styles, and more.

    Facilitator Pro Tip

    Digging for Roots can be utilized for quick, easy emergency sub lessons and homework that matters. This Greek and Latin roots game makes learning elevated vocabulary fun, with a drag and drop game and 2,000 words guaranteed to improve student essays, test scores and college readiness.


    Designed by experts, GATE’s applications support makes finding the right college fun. This section includes GATE’s proprietary Gateway to College database. Students interactively sort, sift and compare more than 500 colleges and universities. As they discover new schools that may be right for them, they develop critical thinking skills about the selection process.

    Facilitator Pro Tip

    You can can create endless lessons and activities based on your own self-selected criteria when instructing students to use this tool.

    Pamela Donnelly, GATE's Founder and CEO, in the national media. Learn more about her at www.PamelaDonnelly.com and on LinkedIn

    GATE’s patent pending test prep methodology includes::

    • GATE to the SAT®/ACT® mobile app—target the right test for you (free now on iOS and Android)
    • Over 150 pages of custom GATE SAT® and ACT® strategies
    • 27 Drillsets
    • Trainings on how to qualify for extended time accommodations, and much more...


    GATE’s test prep moves students from scared to prepared with systematized, customized strategies for both the SAT® and ACT®.

    GATE’s methodology begins with a 100-question SAT versus ACT diagnostic exam. Once students determine which exam they’ll primarily target, the testing section includes two full-length original GATE-created SAT® exams and two full-length original GATE-created ACT® exams.

    Students receive individuated analysis of the areas most needing focus with recommendations for objectives requiring further study. Adaptive learning leads to innovative Drillsets, giving students the practice they need to boost both confidence and results.

    Facilitator Pro Tip

    Use the Drillsets as a framework for deeper dives into areas needing remediation.


    GATE’s insightful essays coaching—by experts who’ve worked on the other side of the desk at major colleges in collaboration with renowned expert Ethan Sawyer (a.k.a. the College Essay Guy)—offers insider tips to help students get in.

    Featured: a personalized workspace for creating and editing admissions essays, with videos to guide best practices for answering prompts from the Common App and others, alongside fun brainstorm activities and well-researched trainings that move teens from confusion to clarity.

    Facilitator Pro Tip

    Encourage students to explore the brainstorming exercises with friends, then access the actual student essays contained in GATE to help them visualize the wide variety of writing styles available for impact

    GATE College System goes where students go, even after the session with a facilitator ends. They can access GATE content on any tablet, laptop or desktop computer in order to work independently on agreed-upon goals.

    They also enjoy these bonus features:

    • Calendar reminders to keep them on track with pending deadlines — not only for essays and applications submissions, but also upcoming registration and test dates for the SAT® and ACT®, financial aid deadlines, summer program opportunity deadlines, and much more
    • Up to date info on Virtual College Fairs
    • Full financial aid video trainings on merit aid, gift aid, institutional aid, and scholarships to potentially save their families tens of thousands of dollars

    Share the free GATE to the SAT/ACT app with your students now.

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