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Admission staff members at top colleges and universities don't just want to see grades and scores. Get ready to save yourself a steep learning curve with the skills and knowledge outlined here...your students are the ones who benefit.

Randall Balmer, Ivy League Professor (Dartmouth, Princeton, Columbia, Yale)

As a dad, there's nothing I want more for my children than to help them fulfill their potential. Pamela Donnelly's expertise helps parents like you and me optimize the futures of our sons and daughters.

Larry King, Media Legend

I haven't been a big proponent of traditional education, but have seen firsthand how the right coaching and discernment effectively guides students with access to GATE's curriculum. Pamela Donnelly and her team produce one result: your students will have options.

Joel Bauer, International Marketing Mentor

As the guy who first hired Steve Jobs, I guess you could say I've detected talent now and then. Pamela Donnelly is of that caliber. She has the credentials, the team and the digital solution to equalize access to higher education through GATE.

Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari & Father of the Video Game Industry
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